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We drive the development of new technology to allow an active life, independent of activity level

Our Unique Approach

  • Driving the development of new technology within the prosthetic and orthotic industry
  • Using 3D technology to provide optimal precision
  • Pursuing the perfect fit at the very first print
  • Driving the demands of sustainability into the future of production

The most precise product with the most effective and sustainable production

RMS ankle orthosis – Delivered to 700 patients in Norway and Sweden with very positive feedback from patients and orthotists.

Bahr Innovation is committed to technological development in the orthopedic industry.

Our focus is optimal functionality for the patient. We’re actually the first to manufacture orthopedic devices in larger volumes using 3D printing.
The result is excellent form and function at a competitive price. We want to deliver the most precise product in accordance with the CPO’s specifications.

We print ready-to-use devices and prosthetic sockets using the latest printer technology on the market.
We also print production models that provide greater benefits than plaster and milling technology.
Our prepreg orthoses are produced on printed models and are optimized to give the most dynamic functionality possible for the individual patient.
We at Bahr believe in sustainable production. We contribute in a positive way to the environment through drastic reduction of wastage and reduced emissions. Instead we use materials that are compostable and recyclable.

Furthermore, our solutions contribute to improved working conditions through the elimination of hazardous dust and by reducing physical strain on both CPO’s and technicians.
At our customer’s premises, we set up standardized measurement procedures, a prerequisite for consistent and high quality.
At the clinics, either the patient or the cast gets scanned. Here we contribute with specifically designed equipment, to ensure high quality.
Our process has to benefit the patient, the CPO and the technician alike. Each relevant detail is filled into the measuring and order form. Then the order is sent to Bahr Innovation.

We prepare the model for 3D printing and quickly put it into production. We have a short and reliable delivery and we can also do express delivery when needed.
Due to our focus on accuracy and quality, there is rarely a need to make adjustments when the aids have been delivered to the patient.
Unique accuracy and optimal alignment are some of the most important benefits 3D printing and 3D scanning can provide.
In addition, we have expertise in how to correct misalignments and control soft tissue before 3D scanning.

Employees at the clinics will benefit from a better work environment thanks to more efficient processes, more time for the patients and less straining work activities.
Our ambition at Bahr Innovation is to deliver the most sustainable product that fits the body perfectly. Our aim is to develop the industry, from one that makes products by hand to one which to a larger extent utilizes the opportunities that lie within new technology.
We strive to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Next generation ORTHO cad/cam

Tested and developed in real-world clinical environments


Orthoses made from 3D scans in flexible or more rigid materials. Produced using HP Multi Jet Fusion. Advanced design options provide highly customized orthoses.


Next generation CAD/CAM models using high precision 3D printing. Outperforming foam milling in every aspect. Made of bioplastics to lower environmental impact.


Definitive and check sockets are produced using additive technology. Low weight, reduced cost and optimized flexural properties.


Foot orthotics or insoles made from 3D scans and foam impressions. Stable bottom core printed using HP Multi Jet Fusion. Lower profile and more dynamic compared to EVA.

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