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What is a CAD/CAM model?

To build a prosthesis socket or an orthosis you will need a positive model/cast/mold. The CPO (certified prosthetist/orthotist) scan the patient, rectify the model digitally and we at Bahr Innovation print it out. If the CPO need help with the rectifying, we will gladly do it for them. The model will be delivered after a few days and the orthotic/prosthetic technician can start to work with it directly, since there is no need for finish work of the model.

The positive model is made from FDM 3D print technology which can withstand all kind of lamination from carbon fiber and plastic to materials like leather, silicone and metall. The technician can easily staple, nail and attach material to the model. The model is lightweight, and the surface has a very smooth finish. Additionally, it’s more environmentally friendly to work with CAD/CAM models compared to milling foam.

3D print Model

A selection of production models